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Pollen Communication
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    Who we work with

    Our sweet spot is working with organizations that aren’t afraid to challenge the status quo. What we know for sure is that boring thinking leads to bored customers and even more boring results. We’re experts at digging deep and asking tough but critical questions that will help distance you from the herd. It’s why we insist on strategy before tactics – great thinking inspires great creative and great results.

    Our clients represent a broad range of industries and sectors including:

    • B2B – companies in industries ranging from financial services to agriculture to industrial engineering and robotics
    • B2C – consumer packaged goods companies including maple syrup, bone broth, burgers, juices and iced teas, popcorn, pet food and nutraceuticals; construction, furniture design, manufacturing, and retailing
    • Government and public institutions such as municipalities, public health agencies, municipal waste management, municipal water services, universities, and libraries
    • Not-for-profits and arts and culture organizations such as theatre companies and arts organizations, water protection advocacy groups, and community associations.

    We have had the pleasure of working with:

    • Agribiotics (Now Merck)
    • Artefacts Salvage & Design
    • Bone Brewhouse
    • City of Cambridge
    • City of Guelph
    • City of Waterloo
    • Comeback Snacks
    • The EPCM Group
    • The Shop Around the Corner
    • Elmira Poultry (now JD Sweid)
    • Equilibrium Foods
    • Furniture Brands Canada
    • Glenn Talent Management
    • Kiju Organic
    • La-Z-Boy Canada
    • Medi-Cal Veterinary Diets
    • Newsam Construction
    • Puresource
    • Pure Sappiness
    • Region of Waterloo Public Health
    • Region of Waterloo Waste Management
    • Region of Waterloo Water Services
    • Repercussion Theatre & Shakespeare-in-the-Park
    • RMT Robotics (now CIMCORP)
    • Waterloo Public Library
    • and more…