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    Introducing The Art of Woo

    “THE ART OF WOO” – AN OCTOGENARIAN’S MODERN GUIDE TO WINNING THE AFFECTION OF A WOMAN In a world that is increasingly losing touch with the basic courtesies, a new book helps people connect with kindness, civility and small gestures.   St. Jacobs, January 15, 2014 – You must really like women, not just want … Read

    First time in 20 years…

    I was considered an artsy kid. I danced, I sang, and I did art. Art was particularly special to me — I could spend hours in my room drawing. I always thought I would somehow have art in my life, but I gave it up back in my early 20s for what I thought was … Read

    Kiju Organic has a brand new website

    Over the past few months, my team (thank you to Paul, Jon, Sacha, Tina, Harp, Charles and Crystal), and I have been working away at a project close to our hearts: the new and improved Kiju Organic website. We’ve edited copy, trimmed out the unnecessary bits, improved the navigation, updated the plugins, and redesigned the … Read

    Shakespeare meets Fellini

    Twenty-four years! That’s how long Montreal’s Repercussion Theatre has been taking Shakespeare-in-the-Park on the road. Unlike most “Park Shakespeare” productions,  this one packs up after each performance and pops back up in a new park nearly every night over its 3-week run. Preparations are well underway for this year’s sure-to-be-fabulous production of William Shakespeare’s The … Read

    Artefacts, then and now

    I remember spending countless hours shopping with my mom when I was a child. Typically, we’d end up in some off-the-beaten-path town, like Bayfield, Elora, Aberfoyle or St. Jacobs, rummaging through bins of bobbles and prints at antique stores and outdoor flea markets. During one of our excursions, I entered the world of Artefacts Salvage … Read

    End of an era? Viruses now targetting Macs!

    Today I received an email from a friend telling me that an attachment I sent wiped out her printer drivers, causing a bit of techie mayhem. “I’m on a Mac,” I cried out silently. But before I could respond she wrote,  “I know, you’re on a Mac! But supposedly they’re targetting Macs these days. (Who … Read

    Voter: free to good home

    This election had everyone fired up, didn’t it? It was kind of exciting! The dramatic tension, the unknown, the heated debates… But sadly, I found myself voting strategically rather than passionately. Alas, I’m a voter without a home. So, what’s my problem? If I may channel Goldilocks for a moment. I find one party too … Read

    Window shopping

    I love art! If I could, I’d buy art rather than furniture. I’d sit on the floor and just admire the view. But I realized today that maybe my eyes are bigger than my stomach. I was strolling past a gallery in Westmount the other day and stopped to admire a painting in the window. … Read

    ‘Help The Honey Bees’

    Great video from Haagen-Dazs. Brilliant concept for cause-related marketing! Sadly, too many honeybee colonies are disappearing. And you know what that means? No more fruit being pollinated, no more ice cream (or countless other foods for that matter!). A big “thank you” to my friend and colleague, Harp Arora, for sharing it.

    Meet Christine

    In 2000, I started my own business providing marketing communications consulting to a small group of clients. I called it “Brainstorm” after the flash of inspiration that precedes original work. In the course of running the company, I met great people and did some great work. Flash-forward ten years: I still love marketing and design. … Read