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    Window shopping

    I love art! If I could, I’d buy art rather than furniture. I’d sit on the floor and just admire the view. But I realized today that maybe my eyes are bigger than my stomach. I was strolling past a gallery in Westmount the other day and stopped to admire a painting in the window. I thought, wow, that painting would most definitely inspire me to do some great work. What’s the harm in checking the price? Really, how expensive could it be? It wasn’t that large.

    Wolf Kahn's Barn on Cooks Lane 2010

    Wolf Kahn’s Barn on Cooks Lane 2010

    Well, I should have known when the dealer prefaced his reply with, “we have a great selection of Wolf Kahn paintings and pastels starting at US$4,500”, that it wasn’t going to go my way. I should have doubly known it was going to be bad when he didn’t actually put the number in his email. He left that for the PDF.

    Note to self: The price of a painting cannot be equated to the volume of paint used! Okay, I knew that, but a girl can dream.

    ‘Help The Honey Bees’

    Great video from Haagen-Dazs. Brilliant concept for cause-related marketing! Sadly, too many honeybee colonies are disappearing. And you know what that means? No more fruit being pollinated, no more ice cream (or countless other foods for that matter!). A big “thank you” to my friend and colleague, Harp Arora, for sharing it.

    Meet Christine

    In 2000, I started my own business providing marketing communications consulting to a small group of clients. I called it “Brainstorm” after the flash of inspiration that precedes original work. In the course of running the company, I met great people and did some great work.

    Flash-forward ten years: I still love marketing and design. I have a great group of clients and connections. And I’m also mom to a wonderful little boy who inspires me to look at my business in a new light. Today I care even more about the future and making my work meaningful. Not just as a business owner, but as a parent, a human being, and as a person who inspires change.

    I realize that I gain the most satisfaction from work where I can contribute in a meaningful way to the world through the promotion of innovative, healthy choices and the creative arts. I love to help propel an idea or dream in a way that is inspired, responsible, distinctive and creative. To me it’s really exciting to help express an idea or concept for the benefit of many people.

    Christine Guy, Owner & Creative Director

    © 2011

    With this in mind, I decided to re-energize and refocus my business. I chose the name “Pollen” because it signifies a vital part of an organic process – one that helps grow greater things. I truly believe this new name, vision and focus on specific market areas is more in keeping with my overall philosophy and lets me work on the things I love.


    Nominated for Favourite Marketing Firm

    Brainstorm Communications (now Pollen Communication) was nominated for The Record’s Readers’ Select “Favourite Marketing Firm” in 2010!