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Christine’s Bio

Christine Guy, Owner & Creative DirectorChristine Guy is an insightful pathfinder, savvy marketer and entrepreneurial spirit. She guides inspired individuals and organizations in the development of community-based change, the promotion of healthy-choice products and services, the realization of artistic projects, and the evolution of personal and professional ideas.

Christine has extensive “traditional agency” experience working as an Account Director on such brands as La-Z-Boy, Manulife, Siemens and Quaker. Striking out on her own, she created Brainstorm Communications to satisfy a new mandate: to streamline processes and find innovative ways to get even more out of a marketing budget. She does it by managing the entire process – from strategy, creative development, to print management – working with an eclectic group of companies and organizations. Especially those that try to do good.

Today as owner and creative director at Pollen Communication, Christine has built a reputation for problem solving. She has a distinctive “nose” for talent, grasping – intuitively – what needs to be done to manage projects effectively, and above all deliver results. In short, she connects clients to the resources they need to make things happen.

Christine has a keen eye for aesthetics, but also for the narrative and ensuring that the message is meaningful. She is an advocate for leveraging interactivity and social media tools to influence and engage her clients customers and stakeholders, Christine understands the importance of reaching people on many levels to ensure a rich brand experience, and she’s interested in utilizing the power of integrated communications whenever possible.

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