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    A pause for The Shop Around the Corner



    When we launched The Shop, it was to celebrate the simple things in life.. just like the list above. And this is still true to this day.

    But, like our namesake featured in the movie “She’s Got Mail”,  Pollen’s The Shop Around the Corner is closing its (virtual) doors….at least for the time being. Let’s call it a “pause” for a proper rethink.

    When COVID hit we tried a pivot, but the reality is, the thinking behind the site only made sense in a pre-COVID world.

    Not to worry though, we’re still taking direct orders for simple, practical, and positively perfect purposeful things. So reach out if you’re in need of a case of divine Pure Sappiness maple syrup,  or a fabulous housewarming, grief, corporate, or just-because gift. We’ll help you create something wonderful.

    Read our original launch post below.


    Shopping isn’t what it used to be. Where we used to go to the mall and just pick up anything we felt like – mostly guilt-free, or at least until our credit card bills arrived – shopping just seems a lot more loaded now. Instead of just thinking about the cost, we care more about everything involved with everything we buy. Is it ethically sourced? What kind of carbon footprint does it leave? Are we supporting local businesses? Is it a healthy choice for my family? Between Marie Kondo, Greta Thunberg and thousands of online reviews fighting for space in our heads, plus our own unique preferences of course, is it any wonder that shopping has changed? 

    But here’s the good thing: shopping has changed. Not only do we have more choices than ever, but we can influence change through what we buy. We can make informed decisions and shop more thoughtfully than ever before – making the products we choose not only better for us but better for our planet, too.

    This company started in a very organic way. Like everybody else, we wanted to buy the best products for our families but we also wanted our everyday purchases to make a difference. We loved the idea of supporting great Canadian businesses and imagined a world where our purchases could also help raise funds for the organizations we cared about. As avid shoppers and moms, this seemed like a no-brainer. Thus, the Shop Around the Corner was born. 

    Like so many right now, we’re now having to rethink our business a bit. The Shop Around the Corner’s launch was, well, just around the corner, when COVID-19 hit and flipped the world upside down. While our original focus was on fundraising for schools (which are currently closed, as every homeschooling parent currently knows all too well), we’re still committed to giving back. We hope you’ll shop for you and your loved ones knowing that a percentage of every purchase will go to support The Food Bank of Waterloo Region. We’re also featuring several products from local businesses we love so you can support local shop owners.while you’re at it.


    Still haven’t yet picked up something for Mom? We’ve got you. We’re last-minute types, too. Simply order by this Saturday at noon for guaranteed local Mother’s Day delivery. (While quantities last.) If you live in KW, Cambridge and Guelph, please use code “Local2020” for free shipping with a $30 minimum order. We offer Knock & Drop delivery ❤️


    As this journey unfolds, we’ll be sharing stories about some of The Shop Around the Corner’s products and why they’ve become absolute go-to’s for our families. We’ll profile the makers and why we believe in them, we’ll highlight some of our best product hacks, and we might even share a recipe or two – no spoilers but one of our faves involves popcorn, butter and maple syrup. The best. Oh, and did we mention coffee? We’re moms – we have to mention coffee.

    And with that, The Shop Around the Corner is officially open. for. business.

    Stay safe. Be well. Excited to have you join our little tribe.

    xo Christine