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    Introducing The Art of Woo

    The Art of Woo by Teddy Payne


    St. Jacobs, January 15, 2014 – In a world that is increasingly losing touch with the basic courtesies, a new book helps people connect with kindness, civility and small gestures.

    “You must really like women, not just want them. Women will warm to men whom they sense like them and respect their unique qualities.”

    This is just one of many insights of Stratford, Ontario artist and author Edward (Teddy) Payne in The Art of Woo: A Gentleman’s Guide to Courting, a delightfully illustrated and instructive coffee-table book. Teddy has led a storied life of adventure, love, war and peace in the pursuit of personal excellence. Now in his 80s, he draws from his experiences and reflections on the nature of relationships between men and women, and encapsulates them in this new book.

    The Art of Woo is essential for today’s young men coming-of-age, soon-to-be grooms and those men – and women – who appreciate a glimpse into the gentility that defined past generations. More than that, it is for those who appreciate and wish to instil within themselves a glimmer of the courtesy, respectfulness and manners of the men and women we used to call “gentle”.

    “I’d like to be thought of as someone who has tried to do things right or make them better, whether it was on a ship at sea during the War or in the waterless desert and bush of Africa or – for that matter – in the daily cut and thrust of everyday life in the modern city,” says Teddy. “I’ve learned a lot from these experiences and hope that my legacy will be a more cheerful, considerate place.”

    Wooing can be defined as: to seek the affection of love of someone, usually a woman; court, and is an art that seems to have lost its lustre in today’s hustle and bustle world.

    Publisher Christine Guy, owner and Creative Director of Pollen Inc, says, “The Art of Woo is also about more than man-woman relationships. It’s about the practice of treating others with respect. Wooing, like respect and politeness, takes practice.”

    To illustrate this, The Art of Woo offers readers 39 tips, including:

    • On Grooming and Manners: Never ever say “you know” or “like” repeatedly. It’s exceedingly irritating as well as juvenile in the extreme
    • On Meeting and Greeting: Do not curse in an ugly way. It’s acceptable if it’s done humorously, but be careful – very careful – not to offend
    • On Bedding: Don’t try “it” on too soon. Women hate to be rushed, especially in such matters. Take it nice and easy; it’s going to be over much too soon anyway, especially for her

    Canadian icon Christopher Plummer has called the book “charming” and readers will quickly understand why when they see Teddy’s collection of illustrated witticisms and his lessons learned from a lifetime in the practice of “woo”.

    For more information, please contact:
    Christine Guy
    Pollen Inc.
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    The Art of Woo was published by Pollen Inc.; cultivating the arts, good manners and the simple things in life.

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