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    Shakespeare meets Fellini

    Twenty-four years! That’s how long Montreal’s Repercussion Theatre has been taking Shakespeare-in-the-Park on the road. Unlike most “Park Shakespeare” productions,  this one packs up after each performance and pops back up in a new park nearly every night over its 3-week run.

    Scene from Fellini's 8 1/2

    Preparations are well underway for this year’s sure-to-be-fabulous production of William Shakespeare’s The Taming of the Shrew – rehearsals start in early June, with a talented young crop of actors. The next William Shatner, perhaps? You never know.

    I am most excited to see how the set design and costumes will add an Italian, “Fellini-esque” feel to the production, drawing inspiration from movies such as La Strada and 8 ½, without ignoring Shakespeare’s Elizabethan influences!

    Maybe I’m a little biased (my husband is taking on co-director duties this year), but I’m pretty sure that this production will deliver a little bit of circus, a lot of passion and a whole bunch of fun! Best of all, admission is FREE! (Of course, please give what you can as a donation!)

    Frankly, we need to support the arts and our artists! If you only knew what the average actor makes during a typical theatre run, you’d want to give them a big hug, say “I’m sorry”, and then invite them over for dinner!