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    Artefacts, then and now

    I remember spending countless hours shopping with my mom when I was a child. Typically, we’d end up in some off-the-beaten-path town, like Bayfield, Elora, Aberfoyle or St. Jacobs, rummaging through bins of bobbles and prints at antique stores and outdoor flea markets.

    During one of our excursions, I entered the world of Artefacts Salvage & Design and was struck by the many textures and extraordinary beauty of all things old – the cracked paint, the intricate designs.

    Over the past 20-odd years I’ve visited and purchased many a  beautiful piece from Artefacts, including this shelf (pictured below) made from a cornice picked from a building in Detroit (if memory serves me) . A little sanding and new paint, et voila!

    Vintage ShelfI feel like I’ve grown up with this company, in more ways than one. Not only is it still one of my favourite shops, but they are also a client. And they, like me, are celebrating a milestone year, this year.


    Congratulations on 25 years in business, Scott and Chris of Artefacts.
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