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    Voter: free to good home

    This election had everyone fired up, didn’t it? It was kind of exciting! The dramatic tension, the unknown, the heated debates… But sadly, I found myself voting strategically rather than passionately. Alas, I’m a voter without a home.

    So, what’s my problem? If I may channel Goldilocks for a moment.

    I find one party too cold, another too hot, and the party that should be juuuust right, well, isn’t?

    What I want is for my party to see both sides of the argument. Don’t just discount arts and culture. Help find innovative, inspiring ways to help the arts become more self-sufficient – through partnerships with corporations and business. And don’t just ignore our country’s need to cut costs, drive business, protect, and position itself on the world’s stage. Come on guys, you’re smart. You’ve got resources. Why are you all missing the boat? You’ve got a huge opportunity to listen to the voices, eliminate barriers, solve problems, and have citizens of this country love YOU, without having to give up your party’s raison d’être.

    Poor Elizabeth May – who I think is a pretty smart cookie – just trying to be heard in this quagmire. Oy!

    Well, you know what they say? Don’t complain unless you’re ready to do something about it. So what if? What if I wanted to become Prime Minister?