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    Window shopping

    I love art! If I could, I’d buy art rather than furniture. I’d sit on the floor and just admire the view. But I realized today that maybe my eyes are bigger than my stomach. I was strolling past a gallery in Westmount the other day and stopped to admire a painting in the window. I thought, wow, that painting would most definitely inspire me to do some great work. What’s the harm in checking the price? Really, how expensive could it be? It wasn’t that large.

    Wolf Kahn's Barn on Cooks Lane 2010

    Wolf Kahn’s Barn on Cooks Lane 2010

    Well, I should have known when the dealer prefaced his reply with, “we have a great selection of Wolf Kahn paintings and pastels starting at US$4,500”, that it wasn’t going to go my way. I should have doubly known it was going to be bad when he didn’t actually put the number in his email. He left that for the PDF.

    Note to self: The price of a painting cannot be equated to the volume of paint used! Okay, I knew that, but a girl can dream.