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Monthly Archives: April 2011

Window shopping

I love art! If I could, I’d buy art rather than furniture. I’d sit on the floor and just admire the view. But I realized today that maybe my eyes are bigger than my stomach. I was strolling past a gallery in Westmount the other day and stopped to admire a painting in the window. … Read

‘Help The Honey Bees’

Great video from Haagen-Dazs. Brilliant concept for cause-related marketing! Sadly, too many honeybee colonies are disappearing. And you know what that means? No more fruit being pollinated, no more ice cream (or countless other foods for that matter!). A big “thank you” to my friend and colleague, Harp Arora, for sharing it.

Meet Christine

In 2000, I started my own business providing marketing communications consulting to a small group of clients. I called it “Brainstorm” after the flash of inspiration that precedes original work. In the course of running the company, I met great people and did some great work. Flash-forward ten years: I still love marketing and design. … Read